10 Must Haves for your Weekend Beach Getaway

May 22, 2018

Summer is almost here! It's time to plan for your weekend beach getaways with friends. This packing list names some of the most useful items that you can bring along on a fun getaway to the nearest coast.

Multiple Swimsuits

Nothing is more uncomfortable than putting on a damp, sandy swimsuit. Bring multiple swimsuits so you can wear a fresh one every time you head to the beach.  

Comfortable Rubber Sandals

Rubber sandals are easy to clean and comfortable to wear. You can wear your sandals into the water and later when you go for a walk, as rubber sandals can dry quickly. Remember to break in your rubber sandals before wearing them to the beach to ensure that they won't rub your feet the wrong way.  

Folding Beach Wagon

A folding beach wagon makes your life  easier when transporting bulky things to and from the beach. When shopping for a folding beach wagon, look for one with a sharp turn radius and lightweight construction.

Waterproof Tablet/Phone Case

Nothing is more frustrating than getting ocean water or sand on your phone or tablet. Protect your technology with a durable, waterproof case. When picking colors, light ones are better than dark ones because they absorb less sunlight and are less likely to overheat your device.

Beach Book

Of course, you'll need a good beach book or magazine. If you're tech savvy, load your reading material onto your tablet or phone in advance. Download a range of publications to match your every mood.

External Battery

Typically, there's nowhere to recharge your device when you're on the beach,right? Bring a fully loaded external battery so you'll always have power when you need it.  

Portable Safe

It's no fun to wander away from your towel and worry about your phone, tablet and money. Get a portable safe to protect your valuables while you're on the beach. When you're choosing a portable safe, consider the dimensions, and purchase one large enough to hold everything that you're worried about losing.

Baby Powder

No one likes to leave the beach with sand clinging to their body. Sprinkle baby powder on your skin to dry off the sand. This makes it easy to brush away. Sprinkling baby powder on your hair can even help absorb some of the sweat and oil that collects on your head throughout the day.

Beach Sheet

A beach sheet is a wide, lightweight blanket that dries quickly and makes a comfortable surface for lounging. Two people can lie down on each beach sheet, so bring enough for everyone.  

Quality Beach Bag

There's nothing more important than a quality beach bag for a trip to the ocean. When shopping for a good beach bag, look for a product that is lightweight and zippered. A good beach tote will have strong, comfortable straps and a zippered inside pocket as well.

This list isn't comprehensive (example: sunglasses), so use this list as a starting point for making a perfect packing list for your next beach trip.


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