15 songs to add to your summer workout playlist

Aug 01, 2017

you know when you hear an older song on the radio and it completely takes you back to that summer? the summer where all you had to worry about was just enjoying sunny days at the pool with your friends or what you are going to wear to your next party?  every summer there seems to be an anthem of the summer.  it’s the song that just says everything about your summer. from good memories to good vibes,  we can honestly say that there is nothing like a good summer playlist to get your workout started right!  we decided to compile our favorite anthems of the summer into one summertime workout playlist for you!  we even threw in a few throwbacks just in case one of those were an anthem for you one summer!

summer workout playlist 

music can truly fuel the soul.  a good playlist can really get you excited about your day and get you pumped for your next workout.  to tell you the truth, if i’m not feeling the music in a workout class, i’m not as motivated as i would be.  good music really gets me excited.  it motivates me to be better and to work harder toward my goals.  one of my favorite workout songs is kayne west’s, stronger.  when i’m in the middle of a workout and begin to give up because i’m so exhausted, i turn up stronger. i just remind myself to go harder, go better, go faster, stronger.  i feel a bounce of energy to continue on with the workout and remember the reasons why i’m there in the first place.

what songs motivate you during your workout?!