5 Workout Routines You Can Take Anywhere this Summer

May 08, 2018

Summer months usually mean lots of travel and a very busy schedule. It can be difficult to find time to exercise and keep up your fitness regimen. What’s that word again? TIME. When too many things are going on, it seems as if we don’t have enough of it, but there are some things you can do to keep exercise in your daily routine even when you’re away:

Walking Plank

Get in the normal plank or push-up position. Keep your glutes and core tight. Lower yourself down to a half plank one arm at a time. Raise back up into full plank position, following the pattern. Do about 50 of these.


Dance around while you’re getting dressed or doing various things throughout the day. This is a fun and easy way to burn calories – and most people don’t even consider it a workout routine. You’d be surprised how slim and trim you can get from dancing.

Desk or Table Pushup

Place your hands on a desk or table. Place your body in a straight line and push up and down.  This helps build muscle while giving you a workout in your ab region.

Glute Bridge

Lie on the ground with your knees bent up and hands to your sides. Raise up off the floor and hold for a count of 10 and slowly come back down. Do 3 reps of 15 and you’ve just burned a lot of calories while strengthening your glutes and core.

Arm pushups

Sit in a chair with arms and push up and down. Do about 3 reps of 20 to start feeling the burn. You will strengthen arm muscles while burning calories and working on your core.

These are just a few short workout routines that will keep your metabolism going. And you can knock them out before you start your day, no matter where you are. Here’s a quick bonus:

Take some time to stand up. While this sounds weird, it’s really pretty simple. Make it your business to do things while standing up. This could be taking calls, brushing your teeth (trying doing this while standing on one leg), or typing up your documents while standing. You’ll build strength, increase balance, and burn calories, too.

Use these quick exercises to stay in shape. Work it out – no excuses!


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