A Dream Collaboration

Jan 15, 2019

When I first knew we were opening a boutique in Sewickley, PA the first place I went for design inspiration was obviously Pinterest. I knew I wanted an industrial vibe, so I was searching everything from boutique ideas to industrial boutique to metal racks to industrial chic boutique. Down the rabbit hole I went. There were two images that continually popped up that I absolutely loved.


On my board they went. 


I kept thinking that Kristi Boutique sounded so familiar to me, so I googled it. Turns out it is a boutique that is also in the Greater Pittsburgh area.. It sounded familiar to me because I've heard of it!! This boutique that I was crushing on thanks to Pinterest was right near me and the pictures on their website gave me even more design inspo! So drool-worthy! 

Fast forward to this past December-- I'm at a pop-up event with a ton of other amazing women-owned businesses and Kristi happens to be there with Kristi Boutique. I decide early on that I have to talk to her before the event ends or I can never forgive myself. I've basically crushed on her boutique for the past couple of years, so now I'm trying to figure out how to talk to her without coming off like I stalk her boutique. LOL. 

I finally mustered up the courage to go over to her table later in the event. (Surprisingly, I am an introvert.) I kept telling myself, "Play it cool. Don't be nervous" We talked about different things (boutique life, products, life in general), and finally I blurted out how obsessed I was with her boutique. I told her how I found different pictures on Pinterest, and I just think it's so beautiful. So much for playing it cool..

But the most amazing thing came out of this genuine conversation (and me fangirling a little).. I get to collaborate with someone I really respect and admire. So get ready for something amazing because we are brining you not one, but TWO amazing events. 


Yoga meets retail for the ultimate pop-up experience at Kristi Boutique!

Join us at Kristi Boutique from 9:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. for
a slow flow and shopping extravaganza. 
Mix and match fashions to take you from the studio to the street!



At Kristi Boutique, they believe that "welcoming" and "well dressed" aren't incompatible. That's why Kristi and her crew work hard to stock some of the nation's most interesting brands, and to stock up on friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Because at the end of the day their number one goal isn't just to build your wardrobe, it's to build a relationship with you.

Meet Kristi, as KB goes #urbanfitchick, and pops up at urbanfitco! We will have champagne, raffles, and more!


It has always been a dream to collaborate with Kristi, so I hope to see you all at one of our amazing events! 


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