beyond the ponytail: 3 easy hairstyles from the gym to the streets

Jun 27, 2017

we teamed up with the ladies from glow blotique in sewickley to show you how to rock 3 easy hairstyles from the gym to the streets.  let’s be honest here, sometimes you just want to look cute at the gym.  sometimes you just have an endless to-do list for the day but first…. gym time.  we are going beyond the ponytail and creating 3 looks for the modern girl on the go. these hairstyles are quick and simple and are the perfect transition to getting on with your day after a hard workout.

not so basic, basic bun

simple but classic. a not so basic, basic bun can actually make it look like you did something with your hair that day in just a matter of minutes.  not that i am searching for compliments, but i always get a compliment on this timeless classic.

 1. pull your hair up in a ponytail

2. twist the ponytail and wrap around the top of your holder

3. place a few bobby pins in to hold your hair in place

4. using a comb and a little bit of hairspray, comb back all those fly aways for a smooth look.  if you want a more tousled look, let some fly aways go

ladies faux, faux hawk

a ponytail with a twist.

1. french braid the center strip of hair down to the crown of your head.  (don’t worry, we didn’t know how easy it was either.  you can check out this youtube video for how simple it is!)

2. pull your hair back in a ponytail.

3.  take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap around your holder.

4. place a bobby pin on the end so that the hair that is covering your ponytail stays in place.

double buns are better than one

this look is perfect for short hair.  don’t worry, you can still get this look even with long hair though. as someone with short hair myself, i know that it can be difficult to keep my hair up at the gym, so why not just give in and let it halfway down.  the key here is keeping it out of my face.

1.  part your hair down the center of your head.

2.  put each side in a small ponytail (who wouldn’t be all smiles with this look?)

3.  using a teasing brush, tease out each ponytail until fluffy.

4.  wrap the hair in a messy looking bun around each ponytail and use bobby pins to hold in place.

thank you glow blotique for these 3 looks beyond the ponytail!