Cheers to Two Years!

Mar 26, 2019

Happy Birthday to Us!

In case y’all didn’t know, our Sewickley Boutique turned 2 on Saturday, March 23rd! Can you believe it’s already been TWO WHOLE YEARS?! Let’s take a walk down memory lane...

When we rented our space in Sewickley, we decided to do a lot of the renovation ourselves. What’s more fun than putting love into your future home?

After the renovation, I’m not sure my dad saw it this way. *He is the unofficial “maintenance man” around here, so he spent many hours overseeing a lot of projects, assisting with assembling our outrigger system (which wasn’t the easiest task), and much more! You may have seen him in the store helping me put together racks (or me watching him put together a rack), and checking on things. 




After about a week of tearing items out of the space we were left with a blank canvas, and this is when the magic started.


I knew I wanted to incorporate our colors—grey, black, and purple. But I wasn’t exactly sure how. I threw around crazy ideas like purple walls, and purple trim. All of which my dad thought was ridiculous. Ultimately, I settled on grey walls with a black accent wall. The black accent wall is actually a chalkboard wall because I wanted to be able to do fun things with it. 


When we first opened, the wall had the words "I love myself because.." and a bunch of chalk next to it. It was super fun to see what all of you would write on the wall. A lot of it reminded me to look beyond physical appearance to what really mattered. 

Later that year we collaborated with Valerie McKeehan of Lily & Val during Sewickley's Art & Music Festival. She drew the most beautiful fall mural on our wall that we never wanted to take off! 


In addition to collaborating with Valerie, we've also collaborated with other amazing boss ladies! We love events/workshops, and in the past two years we've brought you a Blume Pop-Up, Horsetheif Pop-Up, Gut Health Workshop, Beyond the Ponytail Workshop, Intuitive Eating Workshop, yoga classes, and much more! 






Can you believe we've done all of this and more?! Without all of you, none of this is possible. Thank you for always supporting us and cheering us on! It's all of you that have made the past two years extra special! 

Cheers to two years. (& a whole lot more!)




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