Community and Connection

May 21, 2019

Connection and community.

Ever since we started, we’ve always wanted to connect with women and create a sense of community. Before the boutique in Sewickley, we would have pop-ups and I loved talking with the women that would stop by. I loved hearing their stories, and sharing experiences.

Once we opened in Sewickley, this connection deepened. We now had a physical location where I could share this connection all of the time. We also had community— Sewickley welcomed us with open arms, and supported us. Explore Sewickley was there to answer all of our questions and make the scary jump to brick-and-mortar a lot less scary. They also execute a lot of amazing events in Sewickley which allowed us to connect with the community and grow.

At the beginning of the year when Explore Sewickley was looking for new board members, I decided to apply and throw my hat into the ring. Being in Sewickley two years, I thought it was time I give back to the community that’s given me so much.

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