Gift Guide: $25 & Under

Nov 13, 2018

giftguide_25and under_urbanfitco

$25 & Under for the Active Woman 

Dad Hats ($20-$25)

Our collection of hats is great for running errands post-workout. 

Dahnward Dog Tank ($25)

The perfect tank for that Pittsburgh yogi in your life. She can show off her Pittsburghese while in dahnward dog in this Pittsburgh-inspired tank top. 

Sweat It Out Soak ($18)

Feeling sluggish? Soak out those toxins and feel rejuvenated with the detoxifying Sweat It Out Salt Soak. 

Breathe Easy Salt Soak ($18)

Breathe easy with this mineral rich salt soak containing epsom salt, dead sea salt, spearmint, rosemary, and eucalyptus. 

Day Two Dry Shampoo ($16)

Instantly freshen your locks after a workout with dry shampoo. This blend of natural ingredients is a neutral tone that should work with all hair colors. Organic Kudzu Root and Sea Buckhorn berry are soothing and nourishing for hair and scalp.

Shower Sheets ($15) 

Shower sheets are the perfect answer to cleansing after a workout. No time? No shower? No problem! With these body wipes, you can freshen up on-the-go. Instantly cleanse after your workout session with shower sheets, then off you go.  






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