Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Nov 13, 2018


Stocking Stuffers for Active Women

Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel ($18)

Chillax post workout with this plant-based, muscle recovery gel. She can use this anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery gel to refresh her body and stimulate her senses. Eases sore muscles post-workout. 

Stance Socks ($12-$16)

Fit for any workout, and designed so she'll probably want to wear them beyond the gym.

*Available in-store only.

Charcoal Facial Cleanser ($22)

Charcoal is the new black. Buy her this deep cleansing facial cleanser that will also detox her face. 

 Teleties ($7.99-$9.99)

This strong grip, no rip hair tie is perfect for the active woman in your life! It's versatile and functional.

*Available in-store only.

Essential Oil Roll-Ons ($18)

Find the essential oil that meets her needs. Whether she needs to relax, relieve sore muscles, find headache relief, reenergize, or much more- we've got what you need. 

Mantra Laces ($10)

Take on the day with a positive mindset. Let Mantra Laces inspire, motivate, and remind her that she is capable of handling whatever the day may bring. 

* Available in-store only. 


Women are always looking for an amazing lip balm. Available in numerous flavors. Also makes for a memorable gift. ;) 

*Available in-store only. 







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