Late Father's Day Gifts For the Active Dad

Jun 19, 2018

Have you bought anything for your dad? These gift ideas are perfect for dads who love to be outdoors and stay active.

Running Belt

A running belt is a smart way to carry keys, a wallet, ID, and other important items when going for a run. When looking for a running belt, pick a product made from lightweight, breathable fabric. Keep in mind that darker colors will absorb heat, while lighter colors may show stains, so pick a product that falls in between.

Pedometer or Smart Watch

There are lots of pedometers out there, so you can take your pick when choosing a brand and model for your dad. Modern pedometers do a lot more than count steps. Many pedometers monitor vital signs of all sorts, including heart rate and sleep activity. Usually these devices are controlled by apps and can produce helpful reports with graphics. If your dad wants the full scoop on what's going on inside his body, try a fitness band that straps to the wrist and syncs up with a smartphone. If your dad isn't terribly tech-savvy, a rudimentary digital pedometer may be best.

Hydration Backpack

For dads who love biking and hiking, the hydration backpack is an excellent way to carry around extra water. When looking for a hydration backpack, be sure to choose a model with adjustable straps, good volume and proper insulation so the water can stay cool throughout the day.

Yoga Mat Carrier

Does your dad love to wind down the day with an outdoor yoga session? This yoga mat carrier is perfect for dads on the go. He'll love being able to throw his yoga mat in the larger compartment with a wallet and an extra pair of socks in the smaller zippered pockets.

Foot Massager

Every active dad needs a way to soothe aching feet. After a long day spent running, hiking or playing basketball, your dad will love to relax using a foot massager with infrared heat function. This handy gadget will help him feel better after a long active day outside, while also preparing him for more activity tomorrow!

Dad will love any gift you give him anyway, but taking the time to find the perfect product can make him feel special. When delivering your dad's gift, don't forget the card and a nice big hug.