Model Series: Micah Fowler, 30

Nov 12, 2018

Q: Occupation?
A: Territory Manager
Q: Why did you want to shoot with urbanfitco.?
A: urbanfitco. empowers and encourages women. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that??? Plus, my friend KC is a ball of fun and sass! I wish I could work with her every day!
Q: Fitness Icon?
A: Amanda Latona
Q: Favorite Workout?
A:  Hot yoga & spinning (sorry it's a tie!)
Q: Workout you'd like to try?
A: Aerial Yoga
Q: Song that gets you pumped?
A:  Anything Cardi B! I like it like that! (see what I did there) ;)
Q: Favorite post-workout snack?
A:  PB/Choc/Protein smoothies are my jam!
Q: Favorite way to style your leggings when you aren't working out?
A:  I pair those bad boys with wedge sneakers, a loose off-shoulder tee, and a ball cap!
Q: Favorite thing about shooting with urbanfitco.?
A:  Feeling like a bad*** rockstar in the pieces chosen by KC!
Q: Self-Love Time:  What does self-love mean to you? Something you love about yourself?
A:  To me, self-love is having the confidence to be who you are, love who you are, and value who you are, regardless of anyone's opinions. You are enough, you are awesome, and you matter.
I love my confidence! Of course, some days it's hard to feel that way. But, I always repeat to myself, "It's okay, you're alright, you CAN do this!"
You are in charge of your feelings and your life. No one else.


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