Our Model is YOU

Nov 05, 2018

In the digital age, where people have seemingly perfect lives and marketing agencies feed us “ideals”, we believe that it is extremely important to empower and encourage women. Empowerment is a core belief at urbanfitco. and we like to keep it real. What better way to show this than through our customers and followers?! Our model is YOU.

urbanfitco. is an organization where there is no set standard in regards to style or body type. We are women on-the-go with different shapes and style, and our clothing should reflect that. We believe in celebrating our bodies in all of its forms. It’s not a matter of shape or size; we believe all women should feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in what they wear and who they are.

When we shoot pieces for social media, marketing campaigns, or the site, we actually use everyday women. These women have shopped with us, follow us, or have a relationship with us. We don’t hire models from an agency for our shoots. Instead, we post on social media and see who wants to shoot with us!

We love interacting with all of you, and shooting with women from different backgrounds. So far, we’ve shot with women ranging from 19-37 that are all in various fields ranging from students to recruiter to business owner. Throughout the following months, we will feature each woman we’ve shot with in a little Q&A style bio. You’ll get to read their favorite thing about shooting with us, how they like to style their leggings when they aren’t working out, what self-love means to them, and some other fun facts.

Meet the real people behind our shoots. It could be you.. 



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