Our Story

Get to Know KC

A tomboy at heart, fashion was not KC’s first passion. Factor in her struggle with weight, and the fashion world was even dreaded. It can be hard for a woman in a world that thrives on societal pressures, body image, and comparisons. Although true opposites, from ideas to body type, KC commiserated with her sister. urbanfitco. is about differences, similarities, ideas,and sisterhood woven into a movement. And it’s up to us as women in an ever­changing world to support and inspire an era of mind and body positivity. We are all each other’s sisters.

Our Mission

To inspire the seamless transition between fitness and fashion—From a barre class to a dinner date and everything in between, we specialize in reflecting the unique style of women from all walks of life. It’s not a matter of shape or size; we believe all women should feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in what they wear and who they are. Through our unique styles and high quality brands, we strive to turn this belief into a reality.

Family Is #1

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, entrepreneurship was in KC’s blood. Thanks to her dad’s continuous guidance and her family’s support, she has been able to grow her vision into a reality. If you’re ever in Sewickley, PA, visit us at our flagship boutique where you can sometimes find her dad helping execute her latest design idea or mom and sister duo giving their two cents on the latest trends in active fashion.